Friday, January 19, 2007

Warming evidence

In all the sources I consult, the evidence of melting of glaciers is consistent.  While predictions regarding the implications vary somewhat, none of the predictions are good.
Glacier ice is the largest reservoir of fresh water on Earth and the Greenland ice sheet the second largest ice body in the world. Global warming is making this reservoir melt and that also much faster than any of the previous times. Its exposed lonely mountains are separating to form islands of their own.

Appearance of the islands is a symptom of an ice sheet retreating. Flooded seacoasts and rising water levels are the legacy of their retreats, as are the ecological changes on the landscapes around the glacier's edge. If all the ice on Greenland were to melt into the North Atlantic Ocean, global sea levels would rise by about 21.3 feet.

Other evidence is available too, for those who are willing to look at it.

Awareness and understanding are crucial in order to begin to change our ways.  It is rather like the importance of the acceptance of the cancer causing effects of cigarettes.  It took time, but eventually gains began to be made in the area of smoking. 

It is far from a solution- far, far, far from a solution- but, the following is good news:

Pelosi forms committee to tackle global warming

The fact that someone in the US government may actually look at the envidence realistically- rather than cook it as the current administration has- would be an important first step.

Will it be soon enough to make a real difference?


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