Monday, January 22, 2007

Environment and Economics

Earlier posts (here and here) have examined the myth that economic growth and environmental responsibility are intrinsically at odds. The UN is making the same point the Pilgrim has endeavored to make on this matter. [Emphasis added.]

A lack of global leadership on climate change, stemming from an unwarranted fear of economic hardship, is seriously hampering efforts to combat global warming, the top United Nations official dealing with the issue has warned.

[Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Yvo de Boer stressed that]the key to the problem is to provide incentives for economies to grow along a greener path, and to put in place mechanisms to ensure that the needed resources are available.He pointed to

India as an example of a country which is already successfully making use of such incentives. 'India is showing that economic growth and climate protection are far from being mutually exclusive. The country already has 155 registered CDM projects, with another 400 projects in the pipeline,' he noted, referring to the Kyoto Protocol treaty's Clean Development Mechanism.

Is it truly the position of the US that India- with one of the most dynamically growing economies in the world- can meet global environmental goals and we in the US cannot?

If the US cannot do so, it is only due to a lack of comittment and moral vision.


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