Monday, January 29, 2007

The opposition builds

A comment from someone who viewed Hillary Clinton being interviewed this weekend.  As a result of seeing the Senator...
the visceral distate for Hillary Rodham that I cultivated during the '90s when coming of age politically as a libertarian-style conservative returned. If anyone could "get the band back together" on the right for just one more election, it's her. She'd be the greatest gift the Dems could give to a collapsing GOP.
The best chance for the US to end its disaster in Iraq and its damage to the personal liberties portions of our Constitution appears to be an election of a Democrat in '08.  That may not end up being so, but the front runners from the Republican side continue to be from the pro-Iraq War side.
If the last best hope is a Democrat (not to say a great hope, only the best available), then that hope should not be thrown away on Senator Clinton.

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