Monday, May 15, 2006

Our borders

Reports indicate that the President is considering the use of the National Guard to stop illegal immigration along the border with Mexico.

Why not just hire more Border Control? Isn't that what they are trained to do? Why increase the strain on the military that has been created by the extensive stay in Iraq and heavy use of the National Guard in that country?

Putting the National Guard on the scene in the midst of a national debate/conflict over the issue of immigration is politics rather than problem solving. Use the National Guard until the political crisis passes, then go back to business as ususal. This is evidence of a White House more concerned with its poll numbers than with governance.


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WH said...

Although the year is unimportant, nor the actual names of the participants, there was once a televised "summit" with all sorts of “important” people to look at the drug trafficking problem. Included were Coast Guard representatives, DEA officials, Senators, etc. If I remember, this telecast was broadcast over several evenings. In the end, after examining all of the scenarios for keeping drugs out, the solution was simple- Remove the demand for drugs.
I believe that if the allure, or lack of consequences, remain for people to come into our country illegally- (i.e. taking advantage of an easy mark) then we'll never place enough Border Patrol/US Troops there to stop them from coming in.