Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another thought from a reader...

A reader, commenting on the previous comment where another reader referenced the book of Revelation...
I believe, as well, that truth and right will prevail. However, I can't help but believe that our faith work actions until then must continue to be stronger than ever. If we become too confident in the outcome, might we begin to think that what we do, or don't do, won't really matter in the end? Won't our actions have some bearing on the final outcome on Jesus' return?

As I've said previously, I agree that our actions are very important, at least at a personal level- that is, for our personal journey and spiritual growth. The third sentence in the comment above does indeed show a potential danger in over-reliance of "faith" in the sense that we can become over-confident and fail to live up to the challenges that our faith asks of us. We can become so comfortable that we fail to follow the mission of caring for those in need around us, for example.

As to "end days," this is an area that I simply cannot address with any confidence. Perhaps I have not devoted enough thinking to the topic. Perhaps I just don't know what I believe. Largely, however, it is due to my attitude that I must try and deal with my own journey, living as I feel called to live, and leaving issues of judgment and the end times to a higher power. Apocalyptic issues don't occupy my very much.

I don't know whether our actions- hopefully our good work actions- will influence the end times. I don't even know if there will be "end times" as many consider them (or if many have been simply led astray by symbolism in a book like Revelation). What I do now is that our actions can do good now, are consistent with my ethical/religious vision, are consistent with Jesus' call to us, and move us closer to making God's Kingdom appear here and now. That is enough for me.


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