Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Comments Encouraged

I thought I'd take a second, after responding to a comment in the post below, to encourage anyone who happens along this site to make comments on anything they read.

Blogs are about dialogue, I think. I'd love to hear what others think about the reflections I post. I think it will be good for me to hear people's thoughts, whether in agreement or not. If you agree, you may add to something I've been thinking, helping me to further develop my thoughts. If you disagree, you may cause me to abandon a bad idea, more deeply explore my present thought, or find a better way to express my views.

When I get comments, I may reply on the blog itself. I won't use any names. After all, I'm not even using mine.

So, type away. Let me know what you think too.

Continuing to wander the path of...

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Anonymous said...

I have recently finished a bible study on The Book of Revelations, a difficult but interesting task. It has lead me to believe that John calls us to be "better" Christians not through fear (and parts/most of Rev. can be scary and disconcerting) as many fundimentalist/literalist would have us believe, but that that there is hope in the belief that in the end good will triumph. If we believe that Jesus will return and that truth and right will prevail,then we know the future and it is that future that should shape our present. By living as Jesus called us to live, our actions and choices must reflect our faith. And I agree, not any easy task and a difficult path, but it is a journey that is meant to be shared. In rereading this comment, I see my comment as confusing, but I certainly agree that we need more actions that proclaim us as christians than we need words. It is, perhaps, the lack of action, that has taken the power away from our words.