Thursday, May 18, 2006

Law of Unintended 'Benefits'??

Headline from NY Times online:

U.S. Said to Weigh a New Approach on North Korea

WASHINGTON, May 17 — President Bush's top advisers have recommended a broad new approach to dealing with North Korea that would include beginning negotiations on a peace treaty, even while efforts to dismantle the country's nuclear program are still under way, senior administration officials and Asian diplomats say.

Here may be evidence of an unintended benefit of the Bush Administration's decision to go into Iraq. Despite the denials, our military is stretched thin. Despite similar denials, the opinions of other nations do matter (even 'Old Europe') and we cannot easily 'go it alone.' The support of the American people has evaporated (President Bush's ratings are the lowest since Carter in the midst of the last serious crisis with Iran).

Fact is, whether people in the Administration want to go after the other Axis of Evil nations or not, we can't. Aside from air strikes, I can't see how any meaningful military options are on the table.

We are simply going to have to find a more creative, and, of necessity, peaceful methods of dealing with the nuclear ambitions and threats of North Korea and Iran. No choice. Any saber rattling at this point is mere bluster. Everyone knows it. Perhaps now the serious work will begin.


By the way- the Korean War ended in 1953. Wouldn't you say that a 'peace treaty' is a little overdue?


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