Friday, April 27, 2007

Pardon my skepticism...

Get ready for the George Tenent media blitz. He has a book to sell (who doesn't), and he's going to try and re-write history. Wanna bet he makes himself look like the good guy in his story?

For example, he says,

The CIA warned the Bush White House seven months before the 2003 Iraq invasion that the U.S. could face a thicket of bad consequences, starting with “anarchy and the territorial breakup” of the country...

The agency analysis painted what Tenet calls additional “worst-case” scenarios: “a surge of global terrorism against U.S. interests fueled by deepening Islamic antipathy toward the United States”; “regime-threatening instability in key Arab states”; and “major oil supply disruptions and severe strains in the Atlantic alliance.”

Why would I be quick to believe that the agency that was so wrong on WMD and on the Al-Qaeda connection to Iraq was dead on about the consequences of war? In the MSNBC story they use the word "prescient." I would accept that if he had spoken publicly about the chaos in Iraq before it occurred. Isn't that what prescient means? Saying this now, after all that we've seen in the last 4 years? I remain a skeptic of his prescience.

Some of what Tenent says about the Administration rings true with what we see/hear in other areas- particularly their 'lack of curiosity.' So, maybe there's something to be gained from this book. I'll wait at least until I can buy it off the remainder rack at a book store.

Until then, I hear he will be on '60 Minutes' on CBS this Sunday. You can watch and judge for yourself.

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