Monday, April 02, 2007

Facts and Figures

AP has produced a list of facts about Iraq since the invasion in March '03. It's too long to reproduce here, but of interest:
  • Confirmed U.S. military deaths as of April 2, 2007: 3,244.
  • Confirmed U.S. military wounded as of April 2, 2007: 24,314.
  • U.S. military deaths after the Baghdad security crackdown beginning Feb. 14, 2007: at least 55 U.S. military deaths occurred from incidents in Baghdad; at least 70 U.S. military deaths occurred from incidents outside Baghdad.
  • Iraqi civilian deaths: Estimated at more than 60,000
  • Cost: More than $413 billion. Combined with the conflict in Afghanistan and operations against terrorism elsewhere, the cost has topped at least $500 billion. (Check the cost 'ticker' on the left side of this page for constant updates of Iraq war costs.)
  • A recent study by Linda Bilmes of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government put the total projected cost of providing medical care and disability benefits to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan at $350 billion to $700 billion.
  • Utilities: With the exception of electricity in Baghdad, most services are markedly better now than under Saddam (water, sewer, phone, etc.).
  • Refugees: Prewar: 500,000 Iraqis lived abroad. April 2, 2007: Approximately 2 million live abroad.

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