Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Global Warming Concern

'Global Warming Will Decimate Biodiversity'

This should be of great concern, as diversity can relate directly to health- for humans. If plants that we use for food, for example, do not adapt well to increasing temperatures, then the diversity within that plant species grows more limited. In such a case, that plant species is more likely to be severly damaged, even wiped out, but a 'blight' of some sort, thus causing problems in terms of feeding populations.

Add this to the issues of potential drought due to global warming, and concerns about taking care of the human species grows.

Too often people reject concerns about biodiversity as the worries of tree-huggers who want to save owls (I'll never forget the first President Bush criticizing Gore saying that if Gore were elected (w/ Clinton) 'We'll be out of work and up to our neck in owls").

The fact is, biodiversity is important to us.

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