Friday, April 13, 2007

Is this the best he can do?

Kucinich is not a serious candidate for President. Even he has to know that. But he could, if he chose, work to keep important issues on the political table.

He seems about to do it by discussing Iran- and the need to keep the US out of a possible war w/ Iran. He could, by focusing on this issue, tease out of other politicians their stand on Iran, perhaps getting them to make clear that a war with Iran would not be in the national interests.

Instead, he chooses to muddy the water by raising the issue of impeachment.

Watch the videos.

There is no way that impeachment is going to happen- even if it were warranted, which I don't believe it is. Even if it were a possibility, why would we spend the last years of the Bush presidency going through an impeachment battle? Why not focus our attention forward? Why not focus on what the current field of candidates would do if president, rather than try to make a legal case about what an outgoing president did do?

Kucinich is wasting time.

Note to Kucinich: You can't win. So, if you're going to run, make your candidacy mean something by focusing on a substantive issue that could keep an important topic in the speeches of the other candidates and on the minds of voters. If you won't do that, just walk away.

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