Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time to Wander

I know I have not been posting much. Summer has started busy for the Pilgrim. It would seem like I'd have plenty of time with school out of session, but... let's just say thinking about the weighty issues of the world has not been high on the agenda. Perhaps after a time away to recharge the brain's batteries I'll be ready to tackle serious matters again.

The time has come for the Pilgrim, Mrs. Pilgrim, and the little Pilgrims to wander on a family vacation. So, for now...

The love and affection of the angels be to you,
The love and affection of the saints be to you,
The love and affection of heaven be to you,
To guard and to cherish you.
May God shield you on every step,
May He aid you on every path,
And may He hold you safe on every slope,
On every hill and on every plain,
On earth and on sea until we meet again.

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