Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I know this is from Fox News...

but I knew Frank Luntz when I lived in Washington, DC some years back. He's a Republican, no doubt, but he knows how to seek the truth in these focus group settings. He's a Republican strategist that I believe you can listen to and get a good perspective on candidates of both parties (although he can pander a bit when he gets on set with some of the more ideological hosts).

In this clip, he gets people to get at a key issue in the upcoming election (people are responding to last night's debate)- trust. Who can we trust?

President Bush has lied to us about matters of great significance. President Clinton lied to us, and while he lied over personal matters of less significance, he lied under oath and this broke the law. Will the sins of the husband visit upon the wife? Fair or not, I think people are going to ask themselves if they want the prospect of 8 more years of a Clinton White House.

Obama may seem vague at time. I know people question his experience (but remember what the experience of Cheney and Rumsfeld brought us). But what he does seem to put on the table is honesty. More so than any of the other Democratic candidates- except perhaps Biden, but you have to listen to him for hours to hear his truth.

Trust. Keep and eye on this issue as we move through the campaign cycle.

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