Saturday, February 17, 2007


It is nothing less than shameful and embarrassing that the US Senate cannot get itself together to even have a vote on a resolution regarding the Bush surge.

Senate gridlocks on Iraq war resolution

They can't even get a debate and vote to happen on a non-binding resolution. How will they ever get work done on a bill that is really meaningful in regard to the war?

It wasn't that long ago that Republicans threatened to get rid of the filibuster when it comes to judicial appointments. Appointments deserve an up or down vote, they said. They were right.

One step further- get rid of the filibuster for any legislation. Period. It's an undemocratic rule that serves no useful purpose except gridlock. 51 votes in the Senate should rule the day. Then the House and President can take their constitutionally mandated actions. The notion that 41 senators can keep a vote (or in this case a debate for a vote) from happening is ridiculous.

There are those that say that the debate on the surge is damaging the morale of troops. Well, the troops must feel much better in the knowledge that they fight for a nation where half of that nation's legislature can't even bring a measure up for vote on the most pressing issue the nation faces- the war in which those troops are engaged.

America deserves an up or down vote on the surge.

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