Friday, February 23, 2007


Normally, the Pilgrim is a news hound- scouring the news for the latest.

Lately, I can't bear to watch on the television or even scan the internet news sources.

How can American be so captivated by two non-stories:
The death of Anna Nicole Smith and the head shaving, rehab skipping Britney Spears?

Is the war in Iraq over?
Are nuclear crises w/ Iran and North Korea solved?
The Palestinian/Israeli conflict resolved?
No poverty, environmental concerns, injustice?
New Orleans rebuilt?

It is depressing that the networks are so completely lacking in perspective that these two stories- particularly the Smith death- are dominating coverage.

And there is no alternative- the major news outlets are all captives of their lack of imagination.

We can't even get away from it on the web- the new pages all seem to have banners, pictures, and lead stories dominated by the trivial. ("Click here for live streaming of the Anna Nicole Smith hearing." No thanks). Their pack mentality pushes them all in the same direction, to cover the same stories, in pretty much the same manner.

So, I've been sitting out the news for the better part of two weeks.

I hope the news networks recover their sanity before I lose mine.

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