Sunday, February 11, 2007

In N.H., Clinton faces tough questions over Iraq

And she should.

From Reuters:

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday attacked President George W. Bush for "arrogance and incompetence" in Iraq but faced tough questions over her own vote to authorize the war.

On her first visit in a decade to the state that helps kick off the 2008 White House race, Clinton told voters in New Hampshire that Iraq was a challenge because of "the arrogance and incompetence of our administration in Washington."

[S]he was asked if she wanted to "have it both ways" by calling for the war's end after voting for the measure five years ago.

But the questions highlight how the war remains a potential vulnerability for her among party activists whose support is critical in the party's nomination process.

"I don't think this issue going to subside anytime soon," said Dean Spiliotes, director of research at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. "There is a lot of pressure on her now to explain her vote and almost do a little penance for it."

The war in Iraq is not wrong because it has gone badly. It is wrong because it was unjustified and immoral. I think Sen. Clinton is trying to have it both ways. So did Sen. Kerry. So are a lot of Democrats who lacked the wisdom and/or moral courage to do the right thing before the invasion of Iraq.

She will have to convince the Pilgrim that she truly understands the error of her ways- not of President Bush's ways- before she will be able to receive his vote.

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