Thursday, May 03, 2007

Not impressed by Tenet.

Tenet and Bush

An honor undeserved.

President Bush did not get a return on this investment either- Tenet did not keep his mouth shut.

I've not read his book. I may never read it. If I do, I'll pick it up off the bargain rack someday- where it will inevitably be found. For now, we are hearing enough from him as he promotes his book, and from the media as the report on his book, to be left with a hollow feeling both about the rush to war, and about Tenet himself.

If Tenet had said 4 years ago, in a forthright manner, what he has said in his book and his book tour, then a Medal of Freedom may have been warranted. If he had stood on principle, even resigned his office, rather than see the intelligence provided by his agency 'cherry-picked' and misused, then he would have been a heroic figure, worthy of admiration.

But his statements now, after 4 years of lost lives and wasted resources, are too little, too late. He's trying to save himself from history- from being tied to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld for the Iraq disaster. This is not an honorable, but a cowardly act. Exactly what we should expect from the man who failed to stand up to those who would rush us to an invasion of Iraq. Rather than absolving him, what we are learning now is only confirming his guilt as complicit in the loss of more than 3,000 lives and the wasting of more that $400 billion.

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