Saturday, March 31, 2007

Obama and Hillary on Iraq

This is why I will be hard pressed to favor a candidate other than Obama in a Democratic primary process. He's the only candidate who has any chance in winning who's perspective on Iraq has been consistently right- the war was wrong for America, and now needs to be ended quickly.

Contrast his clarity with Sen. Clinton's unwillingness to admit that she made a mistake in her vote to give the President a blank check in Iraq. Her surrogate keeps using her technique in the interview with CNN: it's not her fault she voted for war.

Leaders cannot avoid responsibility this way. As the CNN interview makes clear, others saw through the smoke and mirrors. She didn't. Furthermore, even if one believed the President's smoke and mirrors, the war was the wrong choice for America.

She got it wrong. She needs to demonstrate she can be a leader different from our current President by showing that she can own up to a mistake.

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