Thursday, March 29, 2007

Christianity, Morality, and Climate Change

Stated better than I can:
Going beyond the sheer numbers of people who stand to suffer from the effects of global warming, it is important for Christians to understand that the poor and the vulnerable will disproportionately feel the impact of global warming. The millions of people worldwide, particularly those in the Third World, who already suffer from abject poverty, human rights abuses, civil war, AIDS, hunger, or corrupt or cruel governments – these are the people who will be hit hardest by global warming. Their food supply, shelter, and safety will be at greater risk than those of more affluent nations and communities who have the power to address global warming. Environmental injustice is the idea that people who lack political power, resources, and voices – specifically minority and low-income populations – unfairly bear more of the burden of environmental harm than the rest of us do.
Global warming is a human rights issue, a moral issue, a Christian issue. How much longer will we stand by and do nothing while the powerless suffer?
Source:  ThinkChristian

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