Friday, June 08, 2007


The Senate last night failed to move an immigration bill forward . This shows again why the filibuster rule in the Senate should go. Can't blame the filibuster too much, though, as the bill got only 45 votes for closure, not only short of 60 necessary to stop debate and force a vote, but also short of the 51 necessary to pass the bill into law.

The Pilgrim is no xenophobe, but it is undeniable that illegal immigration is a problem in this nation. It is a problem for both the immigrants (paid terribly, lacking adequate medical care, unfit housing, etc.) and for the rest of America (it is placing an incredible strain on the infrastructure of cities and states). Immigration is a problem that must be addressed.

The bill killed by the Senate seemed a reasonable one. The fact that both the far right and left hated it may be considered evidence of that reasonableness. The bill seemed to be one that would at least begin to get a handle on the problem. Its failure is further evidence of our government's inability to truly address the issues of greatest importance to the nation. Rhetoric is provided when action is needed.

The 100 members of the Senate should be deeply embarrassed by their failure.

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